Fast and Powerful Email Scraper


Software Features

Job Title

Type a job title (ex. IT Manager) and a location, the software will find hundreds of contacts and their email addresses based on your selection.


Use a keyword (ex. Restaurant) and a location (ex. New York) to obtain hundreds of businesses and their email address in a matter of minutes.

Domains list

Upload a list of domains and get one or more emails for each one. Extract email addresses behind any website in only a few seconds.

Crawl a Site

Do you know a domain that has the emails addresses you are looking for? Type the website name in the software to get all emails from it.

Extract email addresses for any website

Very easy to use email finder,  scrape emails from any domain, import a list of websites you need to get emails for, or search based on a selected keyword or job title. The software is multi threaded and very fast.


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Advanced Email Scraper Software

Targeted Email Search

You can search for mails based on any keyword you want. Are you looking to extract emails about real estate agencies in Miami? Just type Real Estate and the keyword and Miami as the location, it's that simple.

Email Search by Job Title

Search by a specific job title. Say you are looking for people with their job title "Marketing Manager" in New York, use those details in Email Extractor X, to get hundreds of names and their email addresses.

Domain Search

Upload a list of domains and find mails for all of them, try our fast email-finding tool. Discover business email addresses for any domain or any company.

Crawl Any Site You Want

The software allows you to crawl any website to search for email addresses. It will not stop at the first found, it will continue to scrape deep into internal pages to harvest any email on the site.

Validate Emails Before Sending

Verify all scraped emails before sending. Our product includes an advanced free email verification tool able to validate all addresses before you use them in your marketing campaigns. Improve your sender reputation with real-time validation, it’s fast and accurate. Eliminates hard bounces, complainers and fake addresses with our included bulk email verifier.

What are the benefits?

An Email Extractor is a software tool to gather email addresses and to help conducting email marketing campaigns. Every email campaign requires large lists of email addresses, this is when you need an email grabber like our product.

Manually collecting addresses can be a very long job. Searching one website at a time to get relevant contacts can take days if not weeks. Our application is designed find email addresses in seconds.

Use our Email extraction tool to verify the deliverability before you send. Create only a valid email address list. Our tool can search for email addresses on several web pages simultaneously, try the Free Trial of Email Extractor X and see for yourself how easy it is to generate massive emails lists.

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